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Texas Nationalist Party



Additional Information

 The Texas Nationalist Party wants to encourage its members and supporters to get involved in their local communities. We want our members to spread the “Make Texas Great Again” message in all corners of Texas. The T.N.P. cannot grow without your help. We can’t do it alone. It’s going to take every single one of us to reach out to millions of people across Texas. 

How can you do this? It’s easy and fun. Print off T.N.P. fliers at the bottom of this page. Take it to a local print shop and for approximately $20.00 you can print over 200 fliers. Fliers are a good way to build local connections with people in your town or next city.


Become a local T.N.P. leader. We are a new movement that is growing every day. We need strong and intelligent leaders to help organize local chapters, events, meetings, gatherings and rallies.  

We encourage our members to find local Patriot groups and like-minded individuals to invite them to T.N.P. gatherings. 

Telling your friends and family is a big impact. Many people do not know that they are a Nationalist, so it’s our job to tell them. 

These are some simple steps to help build the Texas Nationalist Party in your local communities. It’s up to you to help it grow. 


For any questions, guidance, or more detailed information, please contact the T.N.P.  National office.