P.O. Box 97 De Kalb, TX 75559 US
Texas Nationalist Party


Our Issues

Ending Property Taxes


The T.N.P. is dedicated to ending property taxes to home owners. No one should have to pay for something that they own.

Stopping Illegal Immigration


The T.N.P. wants to end illegal immigration and the Mexican invasion on our southern Texas border. We are committed that our solutions to the border crisis will stop illegals crossing our border 100% and will result of reducing crime by 70%.

New Death Penalty Laws


The T.N.P. wants the Death Penalty for all crimes related to sexual offenses such as rape, child predators, human trafficking, child pornography and kidnapping.

End Overtime Tax


The T.N.P. believes in ending taxation of over a 40 hour work period. No one should be taxed for taking time away from their families and trying to build a better life.

Ending Abortion


The T.N.P. believes in ending abortion. No one should have the right to destroy God's greatest gift. Our children are the future of our civilization, the heart and soul of Texas. 

Constitutional Carry


 The T.N.P. is a proud supporter of Constitutional Carry. We believe that everyone should have the right to protect themselves by their right to bear arms according to the 2nd Amendment.