P.O. Box 97 De Kalb, TX 75559 US
Texas Nationalist Party



About Us

 The Texas Nationalist Party is a new political party started by Texans for Texans. It was formed

 March 02, 2019 on Texas Independence Day. We are a new third-party solution dedicated to the Texas people. We revolve around political, social, and economic empowerment of the Texas people. We seek to protect and ensure the survival, culture, preservation, and state sovereignty for the Texas people. We believe that regulations, immigration, crime and taxes are direct threats to our livelihoods.


We are determined that the Texas Nationalist Party will become the leading party in Texas politics to MAKE TEXAS GREAT AGAIN. We are in fact the only party that is standing up against the political establishment in Austin TX. We are against the Rhino and Socialist that wish to destroy Texas and turn it into another California nightmare. We are making a stand to fight against over taxation, horrific crimes, and the flood of the third world invaders. 

One might not fully understand or comprehend what is going on around them, but today we are all living in dangerous times. Our political atmosphere has changed. Our country is being taken over by communist, socialist, and corporate greed. This has led to the deterioration of our people, Government, and our once great Country. These tyrants have turned their backs on the working class and are seeking to destroy everything that stands for Liberty and Freedom.

Washington has become a threat to opportunity, freedom, and the rights of our people. We have had enough of this evil system. It no longer serves its citizens, but instead robs them daily. It undermines the people who love and cherish their country. We are making a stand before its too late. Will you join us in this battle?